Conversations: Luke 13 & 14, “Objections Overruled, Assumptions Unended”

Luke 13 & 14 reveal conversations in which Jesus objected to the religious leaders concerning their understanding of the Sabbath laws. Furthermore, we find Jesus also challenging a few cherished social and theological assumptions.

Watch the video here.

For Discussion:

1. Is the Sabbath controversy familiar to you? Why is it important today?

2. Jesus says that the Kingdom of God starts out small and insignificant like a seed and like leaven. Knowing this, how can you recognize when God is present and active in the world?

3. Why is humility such an important characteristic of a person’s spiritual life?



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  2. reader says:

    Ah, well that makes sense. Thank you.

  3. scottlavender says:

    I’m glad it makes sense to you. Was there anything in particular that you liked the most?


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