Conversations: Gospel of Luke 19 & 20, “If Stones Could Speak”

Dear fellow conversationalists:

I hope you will take the time to go back to several of the first conversations on the Gospel of Luke. With Christmas upon us, reflecting on and talking about the births of John the Baptist and Jesus would be a good way to celebrate the season and to remind yourself what Christmas is all about.

As we look at Luke 19 & 20 this week, we see that the story which began with Jesus’ birth now takes a giant step toward its climax: Jesus triumphantly enters Jerusalem as king and messiah. However, conflict over his authority comes next.

Watch the video here.

For Discussion:

1. Discuss the fulfilled prophecies mentioned in this section: the triumphal entry references and the prophecy about the stone the builders rejected. How are these meant to affirm Jesus in his messianic role?

2. Read Solomon’s prayer at the dedication of the Temple, 1 Kings 8:22-61. Discuss how the merchants had disrupted the Temple’s real purpose.

3. If Jesus derived his authority from God, what are the implications for your life?


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