Conversations: Gospel of Luke 20, “Jesus Schools His Opponents”

Jesus answers every question his opponents throw at him. More than that he puts them to shame, and they eventually give up trying to discredit him.

In a final show of his authority, Jesus challenges his detractors by suggesting the Son of Man (himself) is actually more than a physical descendant of David. His words become a challenge to the reader as well: is Jesus more than a mere human?

Watch the video here.

For Discussion:

1. On the question of taxes, how would Jesus’ answer have satisfied people on either side of this legal question: those who agreed to pay and those who didn’t? How has the church applied this principle throughout history?

2. Does Jesus’ answer about the resurrection open your eyes to what happens after death? Does it change the way you want to live now?

3. Jesus asserts that the Son of Man (himself) is more than a human descendant of King David. Who do you say that Jesus is? If he is Lord, how should you respond to him?


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