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Luke 7 Conversation: Authority and Compassion

This week we get a revealing look at Jesus’ authority and compassion. More than that we get a glimpse at how Jesus fulfilled prophecy.

Watch video conversation here.

For Discussion:

1. Jesus expressed astonishment when he saw the faith of a gentile soldier. What made the faith of this centurion so remarkable? What did Jesus possess that he understood?

2. How did Jesus satisfy John’s doubts? What role does fulfilled Old Testament prophecy play in authenticating Jesus?

3. I’m convinced that what I call the “lost generation” described in verses 31-35 should not be limited to the religious leaders of Jesus’ day. Have you known people whose intellect has kept them aloof from faith?

4. The “sinful” woman at Simon’s dinner party responded to Jesus with heartfelt gratitude and love. What could she see in Jesus that Simon couldn’t?

I hope to hear from you this week.

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Luke 6 Conversation: Jesus Teaches

In Luke 6 Jesus begins to flesh out his teachings and provides us with a provocative and challenging code of ethics.

Click here to watch the video.

Questions for discussion:

1. Why were the Scribes and Pharisees so angry that Jesus was “doing good” on the Sabbath?

2. How hard is it to love people other than those who love you back?

3. Jesus observes, “Out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks.” Consider what he also says in Mark 7:20-23, and think about the condition of your heart.

4. In verses 46-49 what is similar and what is different about the two men? Why does Jesus include this parable at the end of this set of teachings?

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Luke 5 Conversation: Jesus Defines His Work

Today we find Jesus teaching in a boat as the crowd is gathered on the shore to listen to him. It is one of the many places where Jesus will take other opportunities to teach.

See the video here.

Questions for discussion:

1. In this chapter we get several looks at the nature of Jesus’ work. He calls Peter, James, and John to follow him so they can “catch men” as opposed to catching fish. What does he mean? Why use this image?

2. Later in the chapter Jesus recruits Levi, a tax collector, and he attends a feast with many of Levi’s friends. Why were Jesus’ critics appalled at his association with such a group and how does Jesus define the reason for this?

3. There are several healings in this chapter: a leper and a paralytic. What issue arises when he heals the paralytic? How does Jesus prove his ability to forgive? Does this provide another clue as to the nature of Jesus’ work?

4. The last discussion in this chapter is about fasting. What does this discussion about things new and things old reveal about Jesus?


Conversation with Luke 3 & 4

This week we talk about two chapters: Luke 3 & 4. Since last post I’ve been on vacation, but posts will resume weekly at this point.

Watch the video here.

Questions for chapter 3

1. What are the historical and theological signposts that Luke provides early in the chapter?

2. Imagine you are in the crowd listening to John the Baptist. What is your reaction to the conversation he has with different groups?

3. When Jesus is baptized, a voice from heaven calls him “My Beloved Son.” What is the significance of that?

Questions and discussion points for chapter 4:

1. Jesus confronts Satan in the first part of chapter 4, and he confronts other demons later in the chapter. Discuss how he deals with each situation. Do you believe there are evil forces in the spiritual world?

2. Why are the people in his hometown so violently angry? What do you think when you see similar angry reactions from people today? Do you think there is a deeper problem when people get so violent?

Jesus spent a lot of his time in the synagogues. Where would be the most logical place today to worship, pray, and discuss God’s Word? Is that important to you?