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Dinner Conversation about the Great Dinner

Still at the dinner table with some Pharisees and other Jewish leaders Jesus engages them in dinner conversation about the greatest dinner of all: the one that will occur in the Kingdom of God.

Watch the video here.

For Discussion:

1. What are the most important things in your life? Family? Friends? Responsibilities? How can any of these become a hindrance to your spiritual life?

2. What was your initial reaction when you first heard Jesus teach us to hate our families?

3. What are the costs involved in following Jesus?

- Bob -

Conversations: Luke 13 & 14, “Objections Overruled, Assumptions Unended”

Luke 13 & 14 reveal conversations in which Jesus objected to the religious leaders concerning their understanding of the Sabbath laws. Furthermore, we find Jesus also challenging a few cherished social and theological assumptions.

Watch the video here.

For Discussion:

1. Is the Sabbath controversy familiar to you? Why is it important today?

2. Jesus says that the Kingdom of God starts out small and insignificant like a seed and like leaven. Knowing this, how can you recognize when God is present and active in the world?

3. Why is humility such an important characteristic of a person’s spiritual life?


Conversation, Luke 12 & 13: Ready, Set, Go!

Jesus urges his audience to be watchful, be aware, and adjust or in our vernacular: ready, set, go.

Watch the video.

For Discussion:

1. What does Jesus promise to those who are vigilant?

2. Jesus indicts some in his audience for being good at predicting the weather but not being so good at recognizing the presence of the Kingdom of God. Might we also be missing the Kingdom of God because we are focused on many mundane matters?

3. Have you ever entertained the notion that people suffer bad things only because they have done something evil or that you haven’t suffered some evil fate only because you haven’t done as many bad things?

Conversations: Luke 12, Three Life Challenges

In Luke 12:4-34 Jesus offers three life-altering challenges about how we look at life.

Watch video here.

For Discussion:

1. Do you believe in an afterlife? Have you ever examined the many things Jesus has said about it?

2. Ecclesiastes 4:4 says, “Then I saw that all toil and all skill in work come from a man’s envy of his neighbor.” Have you ever considered how much covetousness has played a role in your life?

3. Do you experience a lot of stress about feeding your family, paying the bills, and providing for those who are dependent on you? Is Jesus suggesting that we give up our jobs in verses 22-34? If you could get rid of anxiety, would you be willing to trust God that he will provide for you?

- Bob -