Conversations: Gospel of Luke 18

Jesus encourages persistence in prayer, condemns those who trust in their own righteousness and look down on others, and confronts the problem raised by great wealth.

Watch the video here.

For Discussion:

1. Are you a persistent person? Do you pray regularly? Do you persist even if your prayers and not answered right away?

2. Why do people assume that only religious people are self-righteous and contemptuous of others? Have you ever felt that you were better or more important than someone else?

3. Describe how you feel about your money. If you lost it all, would you feel that your life had no real significance anymore? Do you think others might feel that way about you?


Conversations: Gospel of Luke 16 & 17

Not only does Jesus discuss more about money matters, but he also teaches the disciples about temptation, forgiveness, faith, humility, thanksgiving, and the future of the Kingdom of God.

See the video here.

For Discussion:

1. In the story of the Rich Man and Lazarus, how could the rich man completely ignore the needs of Lazarus when he had to pass by him everyday? What was he thinking?

2. Did Jesus intend for people literally to move mountains? Is a mustard seed amount of faith really all that much?

3. Discuss several of the lessons in the first half of chapter 17.

4. What is your main takeaway in Jesus’ discussion of the coming Kingdom?


Conversation: Gospel of Luke 16, “Money Matters”

If you think you’ve got money problems, check out this guy in Luke 16. His actions may shock you and confuse you, but you’ll also be challenged by Jesus’ teaching on the use of money.

Watch the video here.

1. What is it about the manager’s behavior that bothers us? Why did the owner compliment him rather than criticize him? Does Jesus commend such behavior?

2. The issue in verse nine of using “worldly wealth” in order to be “welcomed into eternal dwellings” can be confusing. Discuss. When Jesus speaks of storing up treasure in heaven (Matthew 6:20), is he suggesting that we can buy our way into heaven?

3. The Pharisees ridiculed Jesus for saying that a person can’t serve God and money. Why is it impossible to serve both?


Conversations, Luke 15: Lost and Found

Luke 15 brings us to a recognizable story: The Story of the Lost (Prodigal) Son. In reality it is a story about all of us.

Watch the video here.

For Discussion:

1. Why were the religious leaders upset with Jesus associating with “sinners”? Was there an underlying theological issue?

2. Talk about a time you lost something valuable. Even if you didn’t celebrate with your friends, were you happy when you found it? Try to imagine angels rejoicing.

3. What id it take for the prodigal son to realize he had made a mistake? What is significant about his reaction?

4. Discuss why the father accepted the son back so readily. How come he didn’t act like the older brother: angry and resentful?